Y Kant Tori Read
The Big Picture [youtube] Marty Callner
Little Earthquakes
Silent All These Years [youtube] Cindy Palmano
China [youtube] Cindy Palmano
Winter [youtube] Cindy Palmano
Crucify [youtube] Cindy Palmano
Under the Pink
Cornflake Girl (UK Version) [youtube] Big TV!
God [youtube] Melodie McDaniel
Pretty Good Year [youtube] Cindy Palmano i Sam Riley
Cornflake Girl (US Version) [youtube] Tori Amos i Nancy Bennett
Past the Mission [youtube] Jake Scott
Boys for Pele
Caught a Lite Sneeze [youtube] Mike Lipscombe
Talula (The Tornado Mix) [youtube] Mark Kohr
Hey Jupite (Dakota Version) [youtube] Earle Sebastian
Professional Widow (Remix) [youtube]
From the Choirgirl Hotel
Spark [youtube] James Brown
Jackie’s Strength [youtube] James Brown
Raspberry Swirl [youtube] Barnaby & Scott
To Venus and Back
Bliss [youtube] Loren Haynes
1000 Oceans [youtube] Erick Ifergan
Glory of the 80’s [youtube] Erick Ifergan
Strange Little Girls
Strange Little Girl [youtube] David Slade
Scarlet’s Walk
A Sorta Fairytale [youtube] Sanji
A Sorta Fairytale (DVD) [youtube] Kurt Markus
Gold Dust (DVD) [youtube] Kurt Markus
Tales of a Librarian
The Beekeeper
Sleeps with Butterflies [youtube] Laurent Briet
Sweet the Sting [youtube] Alex Smith
American Doll Posse
Big Wheel [youtube] Tori Amos i Blaise Reutersward
Bouncing off Clouds [youtube] Tori Amos i Blaise Reutersward
Abnormally Attracted To Sin
That Guy [youtube] Christian Lamb
Welcome to England [youtube] Christian Lamb
Strong Black Vine [youtube] Christian Lamb
Ophelia [youtube] Christian Lamb
Fast Horse [youtube] Christian Lamb
Fire to Your Plain [youtube] Christian Lamb
Curtain Call [youtube] Christian Lamb
Not Dying Today [youtube] Christian Lamb
Maybe California [youtube] Christian Lamb
Give [youtube] Christian Lamb
Police Me [youtube] Christian Lamb
Starling [youtube] Christian Lamb
500 Miles [youtube] Christian Lamb
Flavor [youtube] Christian Lamb
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Abnormally Attracted To Sin [youtube] Christian Lamb
Night of Hunters
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Gold Dust
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Gold Dust (DVD) [youtube] Danielle Levitt
Unrepentant geraldines
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