* promocyjny
~ cyforwy

Rok Utwór Strona B Album
1988 The Big Picture You Go to My Head Y Kant Tori Read
Cool on Your Island Heart Attack at 23
1991 Me and a Gun Upside Down/Silent All These Years/Thoughts Little Earthquakes
Silent All These Years Upside Down/Me and a Gun/Thoughts
1992 China Sugar/Flying Dutchman/Humpty Dumpty
Winter The Pool/Take to the Sky/Sweet Dreams/Upside Down/Angie/Smells Like Teen Spirit/Thank You
Crucify Here.In My Head/Mary/Winter/Angie/Smells Like Teen Spirit/Thank You/Crucify (Live)/Little Earthquakes (Live)/Precious Things (Live)/Mother (Live)
Silent All These Years (wznowienie) Ode to the Banana King/Song for Eric/Happy Phantom (Live)
Precious Things* Upside Down/Flying Dutchman/Mary/Mother (Live)
1994 Cornflake Girl Sister Janet/All the Girls Hate Her/Over It/Daisy Dead Petals/Honey/A Case of You/If 6 Was 9/Strange Fruit Under the Pink
God Home on the Range/All the Girls Hate Her/Over It
Pretty Good Year Home on the Range/Daisy Dead Petals/Honey/Black Swan
Past the Mission Winter (Live)/The Waitress (Live)/Here.In My Head (Live)/Upside Down (Live)/Past the Mission (Live)/Icicle (Live)/Flying Dutchman (Live)
Little Drummer Boy (Live)* Under the Pink (More Pink)
I Wanna Get Back with You (z Tomem Jonesem) Situation The Lead and How to Swing It
1996 Caught a Lite Sneeze This Old Man/Hungarian Wedding Song/Toodles Mr Jim/London Girls/That’s What I Like Mick/Samurai/Graveyard Boys for Pele
Talula Amazing Grace/Til the Chicken/Frog on My Toe/Sister Named Desire/Alamo/Samurai/London Girls
Professional Widow
Hey Jupiter Professional Widow/Talula/Sugar (Live)/Honey (Live)/Over the Rainbow (Live)
In the Springtime of His Voodoo
London Girls* That’s What I Like Mich/Samurai
Blue Skies (z BT) Ima (reedycja)
1997 Silent All These Years (reedycja dla RAINN) Silent All These Years (Live) Little Earthquakes
1998 Spark Purple People/Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas/Bachelorette/Do It Again/Cooling From the Choirgirl Hotel
Jackie’s Strength Never Seen Blue/Beulah Land
Cruel/Raspberry Swirl
Raspberry Swirl
Northern Lad*
1999 Jackie’s Strength (Remiksy)
Bliss Hey Jupiter (Live)/Upside Down (Live) To Venus and Back
Glory of the 80s Famous Blue Raincoat (Live)/Twinkle (Live)/Baker Baker (Live)/Winter (Live)
1000 Oceans Baker Baker (Live)/Winter (Live)/Hey Jupiter (Live)/Upside Down (Live)
2000 Concertina Famous Blue Raincoat (Live)/Twinkle (Live)
Let’s Do It Again (z Andy Grayem) Sampler (Honeycomb)
2001 Strange Little Girl After All/Only Women Bleed/’97 Bonnie & Clyde/Heart of Gold Strange Little Girls
2002 A Sorta Fairytale Operation Peter Pan Scarlet’s Walk
2003 Taxi Ride*
Don’t Make Me Come to Vegas
Mary~ Tales of a Librarian
2005 Sleeps With Butterflies~ The Beekeeper
Sweet the Sting*
Cars and Guitars* Don’t Look Back in Anger (Live)
2006 Take Me with You~ A Piano
2007 Big Wheel~ Drive All Night American Doll Posse
Bouncing Off Clouds*
Almost Rosey* Secret Spell/Bouncing Off Clouds
2009 Welcome to England~ Maybe California/Fire to Your Plain Abnormally Attracted to Sin
Maybe California~
500 Miles*
A Silent Night with You~ Pink and Glitter (Acoustic)/Jeanette, Isabella (Acoustic)/Star of Wonder/Pink and Glitter Midwinter Graces
2011 Carry~ Night of Hunters
Nautical Twilight*
Star Whisperer*
2012 Flavor* Gold Dust
Flavor~ (Remiksy)
2014 Trouble’s Lament* Unrepentant Geraldines